Cross-Country Skiing is a uniting pastime and a beautiful recreational activity.

Cross-Country Skiing can bring Friends and Family together.

Its January. There’s just been a huge snow ravaging the entire East-Coast and Massachusetts area. What’s the first thing you’d like to do after your work is done? Go to the phone. Here’s a chance to reunite with some good friends or to meet again with some nearby family. Thank you Snow Storm. Dial.

I do, “Friend Number one, look at the snow outside. Do you see that?”. She does, of course. I make an invitation, “This weekend I’d like to take a trip to the mountain and go skiing, what do you say”. Her response is not at all what I’d imagined. She says, “Ski! All the way at the top of the mountain? I am adventurous, Dr. Kurland, thank you for giving me that, I just don’t know if I’d be able to get back down again… You see, I’ve never been skiing before in my life”.

I don’t have to hesitate much. I’m an amicable man, or I do hope so myself. I make a counter offer, “That isn’t a problem at all. In fact it sounds fun to me. Why don’t we begin by skiing Cross-Country”. “No mountain?”, she says. “No mountain”, I reply. In the space she thinks for a moment. I can feel the empathy of my invitation, palpable through the phone. She feels it too. I’m ever confident. “Ok. When do you want to pick me up?”.

When you live in the East-Coast, Massachusetts area, skiing is an inevitability, and likely, a favorite pastime among most your friends. (I really should start with snow being an inevitability…). If this is the case, most of your friends will be quite familiar with the sport. You will, however, have at least a couple friends or relatives, venerable or youth, who have never taken the chance to try it.

This, among other reasons, makes Cross-Country skiing a good introduction point for a day out with the ones you love. Skiing is valuable (yes because its fun, but additionally) because it can bring you together. People will travel relatively long distances to meet for a good ski trip. When you have a relative or friend who’s never been, invite them to go cross-country. If you’ve never been on top of a mountain, and find the prospect intimidating, you’re not wrong. Start where you’re comfortable. It is one of my greatest joys to introduce friends to the sport of Cross-Country Skiing.

When you’ve lived life as long as I have, you might recognize your priorities and interests have changed. Perhaps the sense of intimidation the mountain initially inspired in you has a basis in reality. I have been a fan of Cross-Country Skiing since I was young, I really have. Now that I am wiser and more experienced, I love Cross-Country Skiing even more.

There’s nothing like seeing the beauty of nature, gliding along on two feet and sharing that moment, when at one glance over, your best friend or good family is right beside you. To be with the birds, under the sun, to see the snow falling and to experience all this sensory beauty with a loved one by your side is truly life’s greatest joy.

If you’re looking for a place to Ski Cross-Country in the Massachusetts area, do a quick Google search. When you find the place, adventure you think you might be looking for, give a friend a call. Take your wife, your husband, anyone in your family, whether they have ever been skiing or not. I promise there is no greater fun. Cross-Country Skiing is really it.